Getting Started Guide

When you select the month, you will see each day and the prompt for that day. These prompts can be used on your Facebook page, Instagram and/or your Facebook reader group.

Ideally, you can post variations of the same prompt on all different platforms to build engagement, and encourage cross-pollination across platforms.

For example, if you post a poll asking for help to name a character, you can post the actual poll in your Facebook reader group while teasing some of the options on Instagram and your Facebook page, encouraging them to join your reader group to be a part of the fun.

You don't need much, but the following are pretty essential:

  • Facebook Author Page
  • Facebook Group
  • Instagram account 
  • Canva account (you can use the free version. Some of the templates created do use images that are only accessible by "Canva Pro" members, but not all! And you are always welcome to sub out your own images as well!) 
  • A social media pre-scheduler (information on all that fun stuff here

What's the best way to see if this whole "posting on social media to gain new followers, increase engagement and find new readers" thing is working? The best, and most reliable way, to do this is to complete a social media audit. Take a few minutes at the end of each month to analyze your metrics and check out which of your posts are garnering the most engagement to understand exactly what your audience is looking for form you! 

Want some more info on how to complete the social media audit? I've got you! 

Download your Google Sheets audit here (You will need to "save a copy" to edit the document)

There are some posts that should bypass what is pre-scheduled on your content calendar. This is okay (and totally awesome!) and you can always reuse the daily material on the content calendar for another day!

Looking for more info on when not to post? Check out all the details here!

One of the advantages of investing in this content calendar is you can batch upload ALL your social media content at ONE time (cool, right?) Curious about how to do this? Check out my guide to pre-scheduling apps by clicking here. 

A lot of these posts are meant for use across different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook pages and Facebook groups. You can even use them for Twitter, though in my experience, you will find far more readers on Instagram and Facebook. 

You can choose to post the same content on both Instagram and Facebook, but you will learn some content does better on one platform over the other. You may also have a larger, or more engaged, audience on one platform. If that is the case, focus on that platform and offering them the greatest content. 

Due to Facebook's algorithms favoring Facebook groups over pages, my recommendation would be to save the more strictly promotional material for your page and the more engagement-driven content for your group. To see authors who are really nailing this formula, look toward Alessandra Torre or Meghan March. 

Any questions, feel free to shoot me an email or crowdsource in our Facebook group

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